Hawg For You

I’m a hawg for you, baby
I’m gonna root all around your door
I’m a dirty hawg for you, baby
And I’m gonna keep on rootin’
All around your door, baby, now now
I’m gonna keep on rootin’, baby
Till I can’t root no more
I got rockin’ pneumonia, asiatic flu
I got something I’m gon’ tell you, baby
I wanna sock it to you
Hawg for you, baby
And I’m gonna rock all around your door
Keep on rootin’, rootin’
Rootin’, root, baby, yeah
Till I just can’t root no more
Hawg for you, baby
Hawg for you, honey
Take ya anywhere, buy you any airplane
Fly you all over the world
I’m gon’ be your loving man
Hawg for ya baby
And I got where you wanna go
Keep on rootin’
Lord, till I just can’t root no more
Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord
Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord
Hawg for ya baby

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