Otis Redding Stories

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Fifty years after the release of his debut album, Otis Redding remains one of the most soulful, evocative voices in popular music. His songs have been the soundtrack to true love and heartbreak, some of the greatest film scenes of all time, lazy days and steamy nights. This page will be a collection of people’s stories from all over the world, giving fans new and old a glimpse into the meaning that an Otis song adds to the human experience.
Each month, we will post a new song as the “theme” of the month on our site: http://otisreddingstories.tumblr.com. Fans who wish to share their stories, feelings, reviews, or experiences of the song can record a short podcast-style sound clip and send it as an MP3 or a soundcloud link to stories@otisredding.com . The Otis Redding Team will review each story, potentially add some production, and upload via Soundcloud to the Tumblr page. Fans are encouraged to submit photos to be included with their stories.
Stories will be uploaded weekly. If you haven’t heard your story yet, please be patient.
We recommend recording your story on Soundcloud. If you have a smartphone, you can download the Soundcloud app and begin recording immediately, directly on your phone. The Soundcloud App can be downloaded from the App Store or on Google Play.
If you are using your desktop to record your story, we recommend using Spreaker to record. You can set up an account here: www.spreaker.com
Spreaker will allow you to upload directly to SoundCloud as well.
These stories may be in whatever language you are most comfortable – they do not have to be in English.
Stories MUST be about the featured song of the month.
Submissions should be no longer than 5 minutes.
Please include your name and location with submissions.
Copyrights to the audio recording belong to the Estate of Otis Redding by submitting your Mp3 file or link to your SoundCloud recording for this purpose you authorize the Estate of Otis Redding and its representatives to use your sound recording for any purpose, promotionally or commercially, to celebrate or promote Otis Redding.
Send your questions to stories@otisredding.com
Get To Know Otis:
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